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The 12th Keiko Abe International Marimba Academy is closed.

Keiko Abe Lausanne International Marimba Academy (KALIMA) in Tokyo

KALIMA (Keiko Abe Lausanne International Marimba Academy) has been held biyearly since its first edition in 2011 in Lausanne, Switzerland, where around 20 young Marimba-players from all over the world are meeting, and staying together one whole week for learning about essentials of a good musician from professionals from different fields, like Pianists, Singers, Actors, and of course Marimba players. For this year's International Marimba Academy in Tokyo, we invite Mr. Alain Maratrat and Tchiki-Duo as special guest, who are supporting me by giving lecture at KALIMA since its first edition, so you also can touch and feel the KALIMA's atmospheric in Tokyo.
Mr. Maratrat is an international awarded theater director and actor, who is researching relationship between body-using and acting, and he teaches physical expression through sensitive and free usage of human's body with endless passion. All participants will learn from him how to release her/his body and soul, what can be key for opening the next step's door for your musician's life. Let's join us for realize your dream!

Keiko Abe
Keiko Abe

Master class and workshop

Dates July 31 (Mon) – August 2 (Wed)
Venues Toho Gakuen School of Music (Sengawa Campus)
Active participants: [Solo] 40,000 JPY (included 3 lessons, 3days' workshop, special mini concert & lecture and 1 ticket of premium concert)
[Duo] 50,000 JPY *for 2 people (included 3 lessons, 3days' workshop, special mini concert & lecture and 2 tickets of premium concert)
Passive participants: [Lesson&Workshop] 3,000 JPY/1 day
[Workshop] 2,000 JPY/1 day、 5,000 JPY/3 days
Fixed Number
Active participants: [Solo & Duo] total 15
Passive participants: 70/lesson
Instrumemts Yamaha YM-6100, YM-6000(A), YM-5100A
Schedule July 31 (Mon)
Time: 10:00-12:00
Workshop by Alain Maratrat
Time: 13:00-18:50
40 minutes lesson by Keiko Abe and Tchiki Duo
August 1 (Tue)
Time: 10:00-12:00
Workshop by Alain Maratrat
Time: 13:00-18:50
40 minutes lesson by Keiko Abe and Tchiki Duo
August 2 (Wed)
Time: 10:00-12:00
Workshop by Alain Maratrat
Time: 13:00-17:20
40 minutes lesson by Keiko Abe and Tchiki Duo
Time: 17:30-18:30
Question-and-answer session

* Please note that details and schedule are subject to change depending on circumstances.

* All active and passive participants are able to attend the Q&A session on August 2.

  • Application deadline: June 30 (Fri)

Audition, Special Mini-Concert and Lecture

Dates August 3 (Thu) 2017
Venues Toho Gakuen School of Music (Sengawa Campus)
Mini Concert Tchiki Duo
Lecturer Alain Maratrat
Adults: 3,000 JPY (tax included)
Students: 2,000 JPY (tax included)
Schedule Audition
Time: 11:00-15:00
Mini-concert by Tchiki Duo
Time: 15:15-15:45
  Keiko Abe : Breath of the Tree
Alessandro Scarlatti : Folia di Spagna
Gordon Stout : Mystic Rites of Flight
Maurice Ravel : Alborada del Gracioso
Keiko Abe : Wind across Mountain
Lecture by Alain Maratrat
Time: 15:50-16:40
Party for students and teachers
Time: 18:00-20:00

Premium Concert

Dates August 4 (Fri) 18:00
Venues Yamaha Hall: 7-9-14 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Price 3,000 JPY (tax included)
Performers Keiko Abe
Tchiki Duo
6 applicants chosen from audition
Program Keiko Abe : Marimba Trio Concert ‘The Wave Impressions’ (Piano Reduction)
N.J.Zivkovic : Ultimatum 2 etc

Marimba Academy Premium Concert Application


Keiko Abe's profile

Tchiki Duo

Founded in 2006 by Jacques Hostettler & Nicolas Suter, Tchiki duo is considered today as the world leading Marimba duo.
Their artistic development, powered by their friendship, passion and sensitivity, brings them close to the greatest soloists, composers and pedagogues of the marimba, in particular Keiko Abe, Nebojsa J. Zivkovic, David Friedman, Peter Prommel and Gordon Stout, all them expecting Tchiki duo to make a major contribution to the development of the marimba duo.
Their outstanding sound and musicality rose them up to the recognition of renowned artists as pianists, singers, violinists or stage directors, all pointing out an astonishing artistic achievement. With two similar instruments, Tchiki duo impresses and transcends the audience by sounding as One, offering a unique duo performance included in the expression of a true art connected with its time.

Since 2008, the duo performs widely in Europe (Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Ljubljana, Novi Sad, Tenerife,…) and in Asia (Tokyo, Nagoya, Shanghai, Taiwan,…). They take part in major concert venues and festivals around the world, among them the Percussion Arts Society International Convention (PASIC 2012) in Austin (USA), the International Percussion Festival Seoul (IPFS 2014), the Mariinsky Theater Concert Hall - St Petersburg in 2014 for a duo recital. At this occasion, Tchiki duo collaborated with the Mariinsky Theater for a new production of Rossini's opera Il Barbiere di Sevilla including two marimbas on stage. It led to an invitation for a concert with the Keiko Abe Marimba Orchestra (KAMO) during the Mariinsky Theater Stars of the White Nights Festival 2016.
photo:Tchiki Duo

Alain Maratrat

Alain Maratrat is an French Actor and Theater director.
After He attended the Institute National des Arts du Spectacle in Brussels, Belgium from 1969-1973
He has performed in films and plays directed by e.g. Claude Berri, and Peter Brook.
He began his career as an opera director in 1981 with The Love of Three Oranges by Prokofiev.
In 2004, Maratrat directed Rosinni's Il Viaggio a Reimsa at the Theatre du Chatelet, which was co-producing with maestro Valery Gergiev and the Mariinsky Theater. With Gergiev's blessing, Maratrat immediately began In depth work with the Mariinsky Theater. In 2005, Maratrat was awarded two Golden Masks and a Golden Sofit. Maratrat's relationship with the Mariinsky Theater continued with a new version of The Love for Three Oranges in 2007 and a 360 degree staging of Mozart' s Magic Flute (2008), which has been performed more than 150 times at the world-famous opera house.
Throughout his life, Maratrat has explored the relationship between the body and acting. he studied numerous sort of tradiotional art of body moving, e.g. T'ai chi ch'uan, Kung-fu, Sumatran Dance, and Alexander Technique. Maratrat regularly shares the results his experience with acting students though master classes, workshops and acting classes, influencing a new generation of actors, singers and dancers around the world.
photo:Alain Maratrat

Applications & Inquiries

Marimba Academy, Toho Gakuen College Music Department, Toho Gakuen School of Music
1-41-1 Wakaba-cho, Chofu City, Tokyo 182-8510, Japan
TEL. +81-(0)3- 3307-4113 (Toho Gakuen College Music Department direct line)
FAX: +81-(0)3- 3307-4354

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