Keiko Abe International Marimba Academy

The 6th Report

The 6th Keiko Abe International Marimba Academy was held

The 6th Keiko Abe International Marimba Academy was held from July 31 to August 4 at the Yamaha Ginza Building and the Toho Gakuen School of Music, which co-organized the event with Yamaha Corporation.

Every year, students not only from Japan but also from overseas attend the academy, the attraction of which is the chance to receive direct instruction from world-famous marimbist Keiko Abe. This year, Abe and renowned marimba artist Jean Geoffroy welcomed 17 students from Japan, the United States, Colombia, China, and Hong Kong.

On the final day, a premium concert was held at Yamaha Hall, at which Abe, Geoffroy, and selected students put on a performance that was well received. The event was a great opportunity to broaden marimbist horizons and allow young players to experience the appeal of Yamaha marimbas firsthand.

Keiko Abe (left) instructs a student. All of the Marimba Academy participants


Keiko Abe's profile

Jean Geoffroy

As a multi percussionist, he is a regular guest soloist at the most prestigious festivals all over the world. Especially in contemporary music, he has made great efforts in performing premiere with composers.
For marimba, he has released solo albums such as "Bach Cello suite," arranged by himself.
Solo timpanist with the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris from 1985 to 2000. He was a professor at Conservatoire de Musique de Geneve from 1999 to 2006. He has taught as a professor at Conservatoire national superior masque et dense de Lyon since 1999, and also at Conservatoire national superieur de musique de Paris since 2005.
In 2009 Geoffroy was an art director and chief of the jury at Geneva International Music Competition.
photo:Jean Geoffroy

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