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The Yamaha Manual Library is a large collection of manuals and documents covering most of Yamaha's electronic musical instruments, professional audio products, audio/video products and related peripheral devices. This Library serves as a comprehensive online knowledge base and convenient aid when using Yamaha products.

For those who are visually impaired and are using screen reader software, visit the dedicated Manual Library which provides manuals in text file format.

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  • Each manual is created in the PDF (Portable Document Format) file format using Adobe Acrobat. To read the PDF files you need to install the Adobe Reader (Adobe Reader) in your computer in advance.

  • The PDF files can be read online and/or downloaded to your hard disk.

  • If your Adobe Reader is not the most recent version, PDF files may not be displayed.Please refer to "Q: I cannot open/read the manual files appropriately." on [FAQ] page.

  • You can get the Adobe Reader at the Adobe web site by simply clicking on the button shown below.

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