Keiko Abe International Marimba Academy

Master classes from world-class marimbist, Keiko Abe

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Applications are being sought for students to study in these classes, and for students to audit these sessions

These classes offer you the chance to receive direct instruction from world-famous marimbist Keiko Abe, learning from her passion, creativity, and musical expressivity. Ms. Abe's lessons are unique; rather than aiming for a uniform performance, she matches her teaching to the performances of her students, improvising to create a duo. These lessons are sure to fire the imagination of any potential performers who hear them.

Participants can take three 40-minute solo lessons (Two Keiko Abe lessons and one Jean Geoffroy's lesson) and may participate in 20-minute question and answer sessions each day. Auditors are free to listen, and may participate in question and answer sessions.

Moreover, the academy will offer you the opportunity to present the results of your study in front of a great many people. Some participants selected by Faculties through an auditionduring the Academy will be asked to play at the “Premium Concert” held in the Yamaha Ginza Concert Salon.

Keiko Abe

Keiko Abe is a professor emeritus at Toho Gakuen School of Music (Toho Gakuen College Music Department)
She is an internationally active marimbist, performing in over 60 countries around the world. She has taught more than 110 music universities and institutioins, and participated in more than 50 music festivals.
Seeking the original pieces for marimba, she has performed more than 270 pieces, including her own compositions and the commissioned and premiered ones. Those are played by marimbists all over the world.
She has been awarded a special prize 6 times at the Cultural Festival by Agency for Cultural Affairs. In 1993, she was awarded Hall of Fame by Percussive Arts Society in the USA.
Keiko Abe

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