Opening Concert 7/31(Thu) Start PM6:30 (Open PM6:00) Hamamatsu Act City Concert Hall
3,500yen (1,500yen student)
free seating
C.P.E.Bach : Trio a 2 flauti e basso Wq.162 E-dur
Fl : Shigenori Kudo Fl : Philippe Pierlot
Cem : Shinji Urakabe    
G.Rossini : Duet for Euphonium and Tuba
Eup : Sho-ichiro Hokazono Tuba : Christopher Olka
S.Barber : Adagio
A.Dvorak : Quartet F major Op.96 "1st movement"
Sop.Sax :
Jean=Yves Fourmeau
Alt.Sax :
Otis Murphy
Ten.Sax :
Nobuya Sugawa
Bari.Sax :
Yasuto Tanaka
P. Hindemith : Wind Septet
Fl : Shigenori Kudo Ob : Otto Winter
Cl : Wenzel Fuchs B-Cl : Kazuo Fujii
Fg : Valentino Zucchiatti Hrn: Takeshi Hidaka
Tp : Frits Damrow  
F. Mendelssohn : 2 songs for 2 clarinets and piano
Cl : Wenzel Fuchs Cl : Claude Faucomprez
Pf : Shinji Urakabe    
W. A. Mozart : Divertimento No.14 B major
Fl : Philippe Pierlot Ob : Otto Winter
Cl : Claude Faucomprez Hrn : Hiroshi Matsuzaki
Fg : Valentino Zucchiatti  
Shinji Urakabe : Fanfare and Chorale (world premiere)
E.Ewazen : Frost Fire
Tp : Frits Damrow Tp : David Krauss
Hrn: Takeshi Hidaka Tb : Peter Sullivan
Tuba : Christopher Olka  
* This program may change to suit performers' requirements. We would ask for your understanding.

from the concert 2007

Shigenori Kudo

Philippe Pierlot

Claude Faucomprez

Wenzel Fuchs

Jean=Yves Fourmeau

Nobuya Sugawa

Otis Murphy

Hiroshi Matsuzaki

Otto Winter

Valentino Zucchiatti

Frits Damrow

David Krauss

Peter Sullivan

Sho-ichiro Hokazono

Christopher Olka

Shinji Urakabe
(Pf, Cem)

Yasuto Tanaka

Takeshi Hidaka

Kazuo Fujii
Premium Concert 8/4(Mon) Start PM6:00 (Open PM5:30) Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Hall
admission free ( Tickets will be issued )
free seating
Performers: Selected students
Solo performance from students recommended by lecturers

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