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The 5th Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument
Academy & Festival


We are proud to announce the Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy and Festival will be held in Hamamatsu City this summer. The 23 faculty members are internationally renown professors from Europe and America, as well as Japan. Participating students will attend classes under the instruction of these faculty members for a period of five days.

Each class of the Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy and Festival is open to eight participants ranging anywhere from students to professional musicians. The lessons are mainly given in a one-to-one basis lesson.

In addition, Festival Concerts will be held during the period of the Academy featuring performances by the international guest faculty in programs specifically for wind instruments. The number of applicants to the Academy is increasing annually the Academy has gained an impressive reputation worldwide, and Foreign students are welcome.

Applicants who have accomplished an excellent progress will be given an opportunity to perform at the Debut Concert which will be held on the 4th day of the Academy. We are looking forward for your application to the Academy.

Guide to Academy | Faculty | Schedule | Audition Repertoire
Festival Concerts | The office for reference and application

< A few students selected by the faculty Guide to Academy >

[Time] 23rd. Jul(Fri)~27th. Jul(Tue)'99
[Venue] Hamamatsu Act City 111-1 Itaya-machi,
Hamamatsu City Shizuoka 430-7790 Japan
[Sponsors] Hamamatsu City
ACT City Hamamatsu Management Foundation
Yamaha Corporation
Yamaha Music Foundation
[Support] Lufthansa German Airlines
[Academy] Instruments Brass (Trumpet, Trombone, Horn, Tuba)
Woodwinds (Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone)
Requirements Student : any musician who is 15 years old or above
Auditor : open to any person who is above 12 years old
* Students will be drawn from an international pool of applicants. Additionally, home-stay accommodations are available for foreign students. Availability is limited to approximately 10 students.
Schedule July 23, 11:00a.m.-July 27, 1:00p.m.
Number to be admitted Brass : a total of 88 students 5 classes for trumpet, 3 classes for trombone.
2 classes for horn, 1 class for tuba.
Woodwinds : a total of 96 students 2 classes for flute, 1 class for oboe,
4 classes for clarinet, 1 class for bassoon,
4 classes for saxophone
Auditors : a total of 200 auditors
Tuition fees Student / ¥56,000(including the Festival concerts admission but not accommodation charges)
Auditor / 1 day : ¥5,000,
5days : ¥20,000 (include the Festival concerts admission)
*High school and junior high school students will be charged ¥3,000/1 day, ¥12,000/5days.
Term for application Saturday April 1, 1999 through Thursday May 20, 1999
Application The application form should arrive at the following address with all necessary information (name, age, address, telephone number, school or occupation, music career and a cassette tape of the audition repertoire)
Please be aware that the submitted tape will not be returned.
Notification All participants will be notified by return mail of their acceptance into the Academy by the end of June.

The lessons will be given in two forms. Both one to one basis lessons and group lessons will be given to each student.
The individual lessons will be given for 45 minutes per student.
Students will be allowed to audit the lessons of other students. In addition, practice rooms will also be provided.
The group lesson will be given to all members of each class.
During the lesson period, 3 individual lessons and 2 group lessons will be given to each student.
All lessons will be open to the other students and auditors.
Debut Concert
This concert will be performed by selected students.
Announcement of the repertoire and which students have been chosen will be made during the Festival.
The Debut Concert will be held on July 26, Monday from 6:00 p.m. at the 21 Music Seminar Room located in the Seminar and Exchange Center.

< Faculty >

Allen Vizzutti(Tp)

Wenzel Fuchs(Cl)

Roger Bobo(tub)

Tatsuzo Akasaka(Cl)

Nobuya Sugawa(Sax)

Trumpet Professor Timothy Morrison
Former Principal Trumpetist of the Boston Symphony , Soloist
Toshio Itakura
Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra
Yoshikazu Kubo
Principal Trumpetist of the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
Mineo Sugiki
Associate Professor at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music
Allen Vizzutti
Adviser Yuji Shibata
Instructor at Highschool attached to Fukuoka Institute of Technology
Taizo Okuyama
Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
Trombone Professor Kiyoshi Ito
Former NHK Symphony Orchestra
Alain Trudel
Thomas Horch
The Principal Trombone at The Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
Adviser Yoshie Higo
Lübeck Academy of Music
Takeshi Hatano
Tuba Professor Roger Bobo
Adviser Kiyoshi Sato
Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra
Horn Professor Kozo Moriyama
Associate Professor of Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music
Thomas Bacon
Professor of Music at Arizona State University
Adviser Otohiko Fujita
Instructor at Nihon University
Clarinet Professor Wenzel Fuchs
The Principal Clarinettist at Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Claude Faucomprez
The Principal Clarinettist at Lile National Symphony Orchestra
Hiroshi Uchiyama
NHK Symphony Orchestra
Tatsuzo Akasaka
Adviser Katsuya Yoshinobu
Instructor at Osaka College of Music
Ayako Oura
Flute Professor Philippe Pierlot
The Principal Fluteist at France National Symphony Orchestra
Jeffrey Khaner
Principal Flutist at The Philadelphia Orchestra
Adviser Chiharu Tachibana
Instructor at Ueno Gakuen Junior College
Jun Kubo
Cincinnati Conservatoire School of Music
Oboe Professor Gernot Schmalfuß
Professor at Dortmold Academy of Music
Adviser Jun Takahashi
Former Principal Oboist at Hamburg Symphony Orchestra
Bassoon Professor Richard Galler
Principal Bassoonist at Vienna Symphony Orchestra
Adviser Satoshi Sakaguchi
Co-Principal at Sapporo Symphony Orchestra
Saxophone Professor Jean=Yves Fourmeau
Professor at Cergy Pontoise
Eugene Rousseau
Distinguished Professor of Music at Indiana University
Nobuya Sugawa
Instructor at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music
Masato Kumoi
Instructor at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music
Adviser Atsuyasu Kitayama
Associate Professor at Shizuoka University
Keiji Ueda
Instructor at Hiroshima University

< Schedule >

< Audition Repertoire >

Composer Piece
Trumpet Haydn
60 Selected Studies
Trombone David
Horn Mozart
Concerto No.3
Concerto No.1
Tuba Hindemith
43 Bel Canto Studies

Composer Piece
Flute Mozart
Concerto in D Major
Oboe J.S.Bach
Sonata in g minor
Concerto in C Major
3 Romanzen Op.94
Clarinet Mozart
Concerto in A Major
Concerto No.1
Sonata Op.167
Bassoon Weber
Sonata in e minor
Saxophone Glazunov
Concertino de Camera
48 Etudes

< Festival Concerts >

A series of concerts exclusively for wind instruments, The Festival Concerts will be held twice during the Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy.
They feature an impressive lineup of international Artists appearing variety of ensembles.
At this forthcoming Festival Concert, we are pleased to present a co-performance by the pipe organ and the wind instruments.
Along with the organ and wind instrument concert, the Gala Concert, performed by all the professor members and advisory members, is another highlight of this event.

Concerts Schedule Content Admission Fee
Opening Concert
Concert Hall
23 July (Fri.) 6:30pm Wind instruments and organ
Guest : Naomi Matsui
All unreserved seats
"Junior or high school students:¥2,000"
Gala Concert
Concert Hall
25 July(Sun.)6:30pm Performance by top world artists All unreserved seats
"Junior or high school students:¥2,000"
Debut Concert
21 Music Seminar Room
26 July(Mon.)6:00pm Concert by students Not open to the public

The office for reference and application
Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument
Academy & Festival
Domestic Sales Department
Band & Orchestral Instruments Division
10-1 Nakazawa-cho, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
430-8650 JAPAN
* TEL : 81-53-460-2821 FAX : 81-53-466-1804

Bancho Building 4F-B
3-4-5 Kudan-minami, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 102-0074 JAPAN
TEL : 81-3-3263-4338 FAX : 81-3-3261-2319


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