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Historic background and concept of our products
FG-1500 & FG-200
Since we launched our highly acclaimed FG series back in the late '60s, we have consistently developed our folk guitars for nearly forty years. So it is no surprise that the very first handcrafted folk guitars that we made were high end FGs: FG1500 and FG2000. These early '70s handmade FGs were a direct result of work with legendary artists from around the world, work that continues to this day. We have over thirty years experience of crafting quality steel string instruments by hand. Today's L series guitars are a testament to the decades of that extensive research and development work.
Our design themes center around the following points:

A balanced tone and response. The ultimate goal. Bass and treble must complement each other, encouraging inspiration from the guitarist rather than compensation.
Dovetail neck joint. Since the '70s, we have adopted a unique dovetail neck joint. This particular joint in our opinion gives the guitar the best surface to surface (neck to body) contact. In the joint there is nothing but timber. This enables and indeed encourages resonance flow from the neck to the body, aiding the achievement of a balanced tone and response.

Blending of woods. Our experience of blending quality woods ensures that the highs are really sustained and note texture is under maximum control at all times by the player.

Body Designs
. Our original L series (LL) has shoulders that are slightly more slender than a standard dreadnought design and the body has been designed to be subtly wider. This gives the guitar a more definite tone.
For many years, we have offered a small body folk guitar option in the shape of LA and more recently the LS series. This body shape has been designed to give a sweet gentle rounded tone, ideally suited for recording and finger-style playing.
2004 sees us unveil our LJ series With its tight waist and deeper body, this guitar has been designed for today's modern player. Particularly strong in the midrange, this guitar offers a controlled aggressive tone well suited to the stage but is equally happy to be played in the discerning home.

Lacquer expertise. Without a doubt, one of our most significant strengths. We work very closely with lacquer manufacturers. The focus being, less is more. Specially developed finishing materials, unique to Yamaha are utilized on our handcrafted models. Ultimately, this gives the guitar every chance to breath and tonally shine. A good acoustic guitar must feel alive and not simply just sound good!

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